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Theater, Film und Fernsehen in der Blauen Eule / Band 10

Andreas Huether / Dara Waldron / Mícháel Ó hAodha

Screening “Difference”
Visual Culture and the Nomadic “Other”

Essen 2009, 102 Seiten, 14,00 EUR[D], ISBN 978-3-89924-206-5

This volume is an exploration of the image of the nomad, migrant and the outsider/“Other” Traveller/Gypsy, within the frame of articulation that is European cinematic and visual culture. Its authors explore ‘European cinema’ as a category within the broader spheres of visual culture, and are concerned with the tributaries of movement, relations of non-fixity and by extension the manner in which these are screened, imagined. One of the remarkable coherences which exists between film itself as a form of imagistic production and the Traveller as a concept extrapolated in this volume is the parallels between the contemporary filmmaker and the nomadic tradition of the Traveller Gypsy/Roma. This volume explores such parallels and a range of ongoing developments in visual culture as relating to the question of cultural diaspora, all of which have created innovative forms of expression in the sphere of cross-cultural and identity representation. 

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