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Theater, Film und Fernsehen in der Blauen Eule / Band 9

Míchéal Ó hAodha / Ian Hancock: 

Migrant and Nomad
European Visual Culture and
the Representation of “Otherness”

Essen 2007, 98 Seiten, 14,00 EUR[D]
ISBN 978-3-89924-191-4

This volume is an exploration of the image that is the Traveller/Gypsy, the nomad, the migrant and the outsider/"Other" within the frame of articulation that is European cinematic and representational culture. Ongoing developments in visual culture, when combined with the global flows of cultural diaspora have created innovative opportunities for the exploration of issues relating to crosscultural and identity representation. Nowhere is this disruption of narrative more overt than in the case of "traditional" diaspora peoples such as Travellers, Roma (Gypsies), and other migrant groups who have traditionally lived on the society's "margins". The diverse visual and cinematic representations of such "outsider" groups serve to reconfigure all cultural identities as fluid and heterogeneous and disrupt the conception that is the nation.

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